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[Feb. 6th, 2007|03:05 pm]
Joris and David's Sketch Blog


Oh yeah, here's an official design job I got to do in recent months, related with my day job... Not that I'd get payed for it, but at least I won't have to look at and fill out a really ugly piece of paper again...

All over the park, people with a handicap get to use a so-called SAP card to avoid the not-handicapped-adapted queue lines by going straight to the exit. BTM however is such a popular attraction that on most days there'd be a second queue line right there at the exit, blocking evacuation routes and forcing the disabled to nevertheless stay on their feet for half an hour or more. So, after years like this, the operations team put a reservation system in place about a year ago, giving out this photocopied piece of paper with a time to come back:

...which obviously bugged me to no end. So after the rehab I proposed a new design to my management, one which would actually be in theme and which wouldn't make Uncle Tony break up and weep. I hope.

My managers liked it and asked me to do similar designs for two other, rarer, occasions, for which we usually gave out hand-written FP tickets:

Oh yeah, sorry about the "specimen" thingies, but you can never be too careful with DLP fans..... ;)

From: (Anonymous)
2007-02-11 06:16 pm (UTC)
Very competent. Keep climbing the corporate ladder...
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From: jak_the_parrot
2007-02-15 12:53 am (UTC)

That looks really really good!

You still got it!

I hope the word spreads out and you'll soon be the designing zazu LOTLK sings, greek beverage sings and pumpkinmen!

No, really. It's great. It's that extra magic created by a CM that they talk about in those sappy Year of a million dreams videos. And I really hope the words spreads and you'll get some kind of graphic design chalanges for the resort.

I'll keep my fingers crossed. Since I'm out of the corporate rat race, there's more place for you in it.

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